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Band Review: Ugli Stick

To define Ugli Stick is a bit like trying to explain why cat memes rule the internet; it is a mystery that is hard to unravel.

Ugli Stick plays a mix of original songs and covers.  And those cover songs might be one of the widest mix of songs I have ever heard one band do; and do well.  Think top 40, a little reggae, a little rap, 80’s tunes, indie rock, and country.  Seriously.

The driving force of the band may just be the bass.  The astounding bass solos alone are reason enough to see these guys in my book. Simply amazing!

I think one of my favorite things when I am watching a band is feeling like they are enjoying themselves – that they are enjoying playing together and give each other the space to shine.  In my book, that is a great reason to get out and support Ugli Stick.  They seem to whole-heartedly love playing together, and each member had opportunities to be in the forefront of attention.  You get this great vibe off the band that they are enjoying each moment of what they are doing – and just are happy to be doing it.

Three members of the band sing, and not only was each the lead vocal for at least a couple songs, but they can harmonize beautifully.

You just got to love a talented group of guys that love music and support each other.

Missed them this time around?  They will be back in June with dates at Spinnaker. http://www.ilike.com/artist/The+Ugli+Stick

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