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Venue Review: Funky Blues Shack in Baytowne Wharf

Once upon a time, nearly 5 years ago, I worked in Sandestin.  Not just Sandestin, but Baytowne Wharf.

Although this is a venue review for just one place on property, I thought it would be helpful to give an overview of Baytowne as a whole — especially for those interested in the Wednesday night concert series.

Sandestin is the easy part – as the name nearly implies, it is directly east of Destin.  Normally people associate Sandestin with places like Silver Sands Factory Outlet, the Sandestin Market Shops, or maybe the Sandestin wine festival.  Tucked away from all of that is another world.  Directly off HWY 98 lies a gated, sprawling community and Baytowne Wharf.

Now there was a time that I was pretty on top of all that Baytowne was; the music, the restaurants, the shops, and the special events.  But I guess that comes with working on property. I didn’t realize that so much time had passed since I last was there until I stopped to think about it – and in some ways those 5 years a lot of changes have happened – yet much is the same.

To get in Baytowne you have to go through a gate and let the security guard know were you are going.  If you have never been before make sure you ask for a map or directions.  It is only 1-2 miles back to get to all that Baytowne has to offer, but there are lots of opportunities for wrong turns.

And tucked away there is a city of fun.  A coworker used to call it “Disneyland for adults”.

Funky Blues is Graffiti by day, serving great Italian food.  Their original location is further west in Destin proper – and this sister location seems to be doing well.

They have a nice stage set-up, larger than most similar venues.  The also have CCTV with a couple screens at the bar streaming the live feed of the stage.

But I would be amiss to not mention what Funky Blues is maybe best known for; art.  Everywhere you look there is art hanging by sometimes local, sometimes famous, and sometimes legends folk/primitive/outsider artists.  It is a great opportunity to see a lot of unique pieces under one roof – most of which are even for sale.

So whether you have a hankering for Italian, what to check out some art, or kick back to some music Funky Blues in Sandestin is just the place to check out. http://graffitifbs.com/index_funky_baytowne.html

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