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Band Review: Sin Seven, part two

So a bit back I posted a review of Sin Seven… you can read that review in this old post.  Why another review so soon?  Well mostly because I now have videos – and also, because I can.

First thing first – use this handy link to see what their tour dates are.  Since season is now in full swing dates can be added quickly.

Since I last saw them, they have added several new songs to their catalog – and I am happy that it is beginning to lean even more towards the harder tunes. 

Huge shout out to Rusty (guitarist on the left in the vids below) for hanging out with us for a while and considering my request to add a Stone Temple Pilots’ song to the list.  He even hooked us up with some great Sin Seven swag because we have been out to so many of their shows!  That was a really cool, unexpected surprise. 

As far as the videos, some of the audio is actually okay on these.  Note to self – standing behind the speakers works better with my little camera.  And I’ve tinkered with the video settings so they look better this time around as well.  With that said – the audio quality does not come close to matching what they sound like live. 

I hope you enjoy these videos, and get out to see these local boys soon!

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