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STILL can’t find something to do?

So sometimes you look and look at the known places online and still can’t find some good music out there. With that in mind, I want to mention two sources that might not be as known – these are just for us in the 850 area, but it shows you with a little digging you can find good sources for music info:

30a.com – Focused on 30a, an area between Destin and Panama City Beach, it has a great list of everything that is going on, with many listings that don’t make it to places like Reverbnation or eventful. While not all events are music related, it is a great place to learn more about house bands, and what places in the area regularly have music.

98 Today – If you are in the area you are familiar with hwy 98 – a main road that runs through a huge chunk of the 850 area. This is a new-ish site but is great at having a comprehensive list on what is going on in the area. Although it doesn’t have EVERY event listed (still check in on other event sites if nothing speaks to you) it does post a lot of events including house bands, etc like 30a.com.

Happy hunting in the 850!

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