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Popcorn Falls Opens at Emerald Coast Theatre Company

The art of storytelling is ingrained in us. Each form of technology advancement that furthers entertainment is just extra flourish for storytelling. Simply, we want entertainment experiences through story. Those experiences are a safe way to practice empathy, understanding, and just retreat to another world as an act of solace.

With endless streaming options and every creative having a camera at their fingertips – we are reaching a saturation point of sorts. Deciding what to watch becomes an investment in our busy lives. Do we have it in us to binge watch an 80 hour series? Do the pull of the dreaded doom scrolling pull us away from a unique movie?

I think this is where theatre and interactive productions are important. We can see those are real people, right there. People who love storytelling and want to do their best to bring this particular story to life. Our phones are tucked away on silence. Our life is paused for the story. Everything else just falls away for a couple of hours.

I was 15 when I was involved in my first professional theatre company. I learned so much about people, lighting, creating worlds – and the bliss that attendees experience by pausing the real world. It is a continual honor to photograph for Emerald Coast Theatre now.

And last night that was with a play called Popcorn Falls. A play about a small town fighting to exist, people fighting to not to succumb to circumstances, and play that reminds us sometimes we have to continue fighting when the cards are stacked against us. It’s smartly written, somewhat breaking the third wall, and a comedy. It’s a two actor play, showcasing over a dozen characters.

It’s storytelling sprinkled with belly laughs.

Learn more and get your tickets at: https://www.emeraldcoasttheatre.org/on-stage

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