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Photo Profile: David Reiling

What first attracted you to photography?
It was an accident. I was the first camera assistant (1st AC) for a former teacher and cinematographer friend for a few years, doing film and commercial work, while I was in school for animation. I got an internship doing VFX for a film and got the film bug. One day, some friends asked me to be the Director of Photography for their student film and everything just kinda fell into place.

What is a moment you are most proud of in regards to photography?
I did an underwater shoot over the summer and that opened up a world I never could have imagined. Coming from the video world though, working Riot Fest in Chicago and Fest in Gainesville were probably the best weekends I’ve ever had with a camera. Being able to work with so many artists and legends I’ve grown up listening to or admiring is a dream come true.

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
Music, definitely. There’s a challenge doing music, with the lighting changes, action on stage, the crowd – you never know what’s going to happen or what you’ll get. I never learned how to play music, but the moments that I get with people on stage gives me that same energy.
Also, long exposure photography is really fun. I really enjoy the freedom to create the world the way you see it in your mind.

Favorite piece of equipment?
Definitely my Sony a7iii. It’s a wonderful tool and I’m never found very far away from it. I got that for its low light capabilities and I’ve never been happier with a purchase. Really looking forward to adding the a7s iii IF IT EVER RELEASES, SONY.

What is your dream photography gig?
Doing a tour with a band. Or Iceland. I keep going back and forth between those goals. I love to travel and the random things that happen with my friends would make for a great documentary, music video, or photo album. And on the other hand, Iceland has pretty much everything I’d ever want to snap in nature. 2020 goals, for sure.

Any advice for others who are interested in photography?
Get out and shoot. There are so many resources available online that it can be overwhelming, but there’s no better experience than shooting.

The best piece of advice you received starting out?
The best camera is the one you have in your hand. Stay humble and hungry, and willing to learn constantly. It’s an ever-evolving and always changing industry and you have to stay on top of tech, trends, tools, and techniques. Check your ego at the door.

What services do you offer?
I do videography, photography, video/photo editing, VFX, motion graphics, and animation (2D and 3D).

How can someone contact you?


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