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Show Review: Kevin McDonald at Vinyl Music Hall August 14th

As I mentioned in the previous Beachcomber interview, I’m a huge fan of Kevin McDonald. I was unsure if I’d be able to make the actual show, but the stars aligned. Even more, I had the opportunity to thank him in person for his patience with my rambling questions.

The night began with a couple of locally produced short films from sketch comedy troupe Kitty Get a Job. It was a great way to set the tone for the night – irreverent, fun, and unpredictable.

Next Improvable Cause, the Pensacola based improv troupe, warmed up the crowd with gentle ribbing about Pensacon and the not-so-gentle ribbing of 3 Mile Bridge. With a smattering of audience participation and improv games in a similar style to those popularized by ‘Whose Line it is Anyway?’ – it was the perfect showcase of how unscripted comedy is an unparalleled experience.

When it was McDonald’s turn on stage, he was quick to remind us of how he is a sketch comedian trying his hand at stand up – taking jabs at himself. But whether he was sharing highlights or comical lowlights that marked the beginnings of The Kids in the Hall he had us all enthralled the moment he took center stage. Dotted with a couple of snarky songs, passive-aggressive language, and enough audience laughter to ensure we all left with our faces hurting – it was a fantastic night of comedy.Improvable Cause

After McDonald’s set, the workshop participants had their chance to show off their newly formed sketches. They varied wildly, but it was an interesting look at the creative process and gave each group a chance to test out their ideas in front of an audience. McDonald seemed to be somewhat nervous on their behalf, ready to cheer them on and take photos.

The night closed with a quick Q&A session with McDonald and Vice President of the Creative, Indie Art Council Pensacola Julio Diaz. In typical McDonald fashion, the answers didn’t always pair to the questions or as he put it, “I don’t know if that answered your question, but I talked for a few minutes.”

The entire night was a treat – a remarkable night of unconventional comedy.


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