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Kite Film Fest 2018 Selections

The third annual Kite Film Fest will take place Saturday, November 10th at Club LA in Destin.

“We have two dozen short films to showcase at Kite Film Fest – in what was easily the hardest year yet to go through the selection process,” says co-founder Nikki Hedrick.

The doors of the event open at 6 pm, with local music videos playing while attendees settle into their seats.

The mother/daughter team behind 850 Music & Entertainment, with the support from Rock Destin and Club LA, launched Kite Film Fest in 2016. “Our goal is to create an event that supports our local film community – an opportunity to see their hard work and passion projections on the big screen” explains Heather Hedrick.

Each year, the submission process begins in the Summer. Kite Film Fest prides itself on simple, inclusive rules that can be viewed on their official website: http://www.KiteFilmFest.com.

“We want Kite Film Fest to be a celebration,” says Nikki Hedrick. “It is why the submission process is free as well as the event itself. We want to minimize roadblocks for participation for our local film community and the indie film community at large.”

The film festival is named in honor of their family surname – Kite – especially Heather Hedrick’s parents Gilbert and Ellon Kite.

“We are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity to put the spotlight on the quality of production in our region,” shares Nikki Hedrick. “Although the films are mostly rooted in our region, we have international submissions and filmmakers from all over the south have attended past years. Kite Film Festival is an opportunity to support the little guys, local guys, and network with some new faces. I can’t wait to see everyone myself!”

The Kite Film Fest will take place Saturday, November 10th, 2018, 6 pm at Club LA in Destin.

For more information visit KiteFilmFest.com.

Further inquiries can be directed at KiteFilmFest@gmail.com.

2018’s short film titles are:

A Day in the Life…
Annie and Her Anger
Autumn Lovers
AV Club
Bomb Shell
Breaking Up
By Inferno
Caliban, The Breach
Doll It Up
Heads Up
Heard No More
Imaginary Friend
No More Steps
Pat and Joe
Path of Reason
The Smell
The Maple Leaf Murders
Tree Bound
Xs and Os

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