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IT Remake – Rumors and Set Photos!

Being a fan of a movie, is an interesting frame of mind.  We become protective of story and the characters down to tiny details.  The idea of a remake is both intriguing and sacrilegious depending on how the pieces fall into place.

I am an uber fan of ‘IT’.

I am nervous for the new remake.  Nervous like I personally have something riding on its eventual success or failure.

My memory is that I found the TV miniseries first, and devoured the book after.  It is a massive Stephen King novel, clocking in at over a thousand pages – yet I have read it multiple times.  I couldn’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve watched the movie – but enough that Für Elis is forever associated with ‘The Losers’ Club’.  (This recent interview with director Tommy Lee Wallace is a must read of any fan.)

Maybe it was my (is?) my fear of clowns that made me fall in love with IT and other campy movies like “Killer Klowns from Outer Space“. Clowns. Are. Creepy.

Although there are all kinds of rumors of remakes out there, including one of Cujo, Hollywood is hungry for the next horror movie remake.

Currently, that means IT.  With a newly leaked Losers’ Club, a new Pennywise, and rumors that it will stay true to King’s novel.

Reports are that the movie is being filmed in Oshawa Ontario Canada and nearby areas.  These photos from Ryan Way (thanks Ryan!) also gives hope that the House on Neibolt Street will be better represented in the new movie – it is a central piece of the book that was minimized in the first movie.

Although it is hard to imagine anyone filling the clown shoes and evil laugh of Tim Curry and his incarnation of Pennywise…  I am cautiously optimistic about the new IT.

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