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Movie Review: Carver

In it’s own right, Carver is a strong micro budget horror movie.  But when you know the back story, how it is the brain child of 12 year old 1381653_195088194009169_1505947256_nEmily DiPrimio, it leaves a whole other impression.

Emily’s dad has been a part of the industry, mostly behind the scenes – and it was enough for her to be bitten by the movie making bug.

With the help of reddit and countless horror blogs, the duo met their crowd funding goal to make a slasher movie.  From the beginning that was what they promised – and that is what they delivered.

Carver starts with kids trick-r-treating, and the popular group bullying the outsiders.  Only a prank goes too far and well – when they are teenagers someone comes to collect the karma due.

The movie is complete with a solid twist ending, that lingers long after the credits roll.

Get your hands on a copy if you can, as it very well could be the first of many from a young horror director.


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