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Our Dive into Music Videos

Oh goodness.  What to say?

On January 9th 2011 we began this journey – without any big plans in place, without any concept of whether anyone would notice, without any idea about if it would be anything at all.  It was a fleeting idea.  A small blog to support our friends.

Gradually, we became something.  We became a legitimate voice for events, bands, and the entertainment community.  We have grown beyond anything we could have ever dreamed up.  We have met legends, have an extended circle of loved ones, and get to be a part of things that are just damned surreal.

Since last year, we have kicked around the idea of making music videos.  And as of August, 31st 2015 we completed one.  From end to end we made our first video for The Helvetica Effect.

We did so with the help of: Lauren Crosby for being our lovely star, Nick Resler for his support the day of the shoot, Steve Baker for the perfect 850ME logo, the Club LA family for everything  – and countless others who have offered support and advice along the way.

What’s next?  We aren’t sure.  But we are plotting, planning, and hoping that you will continue to be a part of this journey with us.

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