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Auteur – How Far Would You Go for Art?

A movie, in a movie, in a movie.

Auteur is a docu- style movie about trying to find a director who has gone missing and potentially mad as he was making what everyone considers his movie masterpiece.

To write it out, it all sounds a bit complicated- but thanks to a crisp script and cohesive editing the story falls into place well.auteur

It’s one if those movies that is tough to talk about without spoiling- but needless to say things aren’t always as they seem in Hollyweird. It’s also a bit tough to label: It follows a horror plot, but isn’t a horror movie.  It is a mystery waiting to be unraveled, but isn’t a mystery movie.  It is a paranoia styled thriller, but can’t be called a thriller. It floats somewhere between those genre labels, and just might be best left up for the individual viewer to decide.

The colliding theme in the movie is what would you do for approval? How far would you push boundaries just to be accepted? Completely universal ideas that are further heightened by the sense of urgency a city like LA creates.

It is even a more interesting concept when the movie follows the main character seeking approval from his movie studio big-shot Dad – and Auteur is directed by none other than G. Cameron Romero.  Name seem a little familiar?  Cameron is George Romero’s son.  (If you need to google that, you aren’t into horror movies or zombies.)

This movie landed in our hands thanks to James Cullen Bressack. This time he steps out of the directors chair and receives writing and producing credits. The cast is mostly faces from ultra-indie horror or newcomers to the screen. But a lot them are faced with heavy lifting and swift persona changes that they handle with dexterity. There is also a super fun cameo with Tom Sizemore that feels like an unscripted conversation with the actor. He plays an exaggerated version of himself that is an absolute blast.

In a strange way, Auteur is a reminder about the pressures that build while trying to bring a movie to life. It is an example of how far people will go for professional recognition in a dog-eat-dog business. It can be viewed as an interesting parable that warns of the allure of fame at any cost.

Above all Auteur is a compelling story that will leave you guessing till the last fame.

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