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Something Sinister – Movie Review

Atmospheric is the name of the game with this indie horror. If you like cerebral, quiet stories that have a touch of that off-center David Something SinsterLynch vibe, give the eerie Something Sinister a viewing.

It features a small cast with much of the movie hinging on whether or not the reality of Amelia played by Rachel Appelbaum is fractured. The authoritarian aunt played by Maria Olsen quickly helps paint Amelia as a victim of circumstance and makes the mother in Carrie look like a semblance of mental health. Jeremy Gladen is the boyfriend, who continually feels too good to be true. And Johnny Francis Wolf plays a boogeyman of sorts, and is a naturally imposing figure.

It’s a cast of character actors who wear their multiple emotional hats with ease, never letting you fully take your guard down and trust anyone.

The dialog is minimum which really nicely framed Amelia and her state of mind. A well written monologue can be a thing of theatrical beauty, but when a single expression can convey so much mystery and authenticity – it is a mark of a strong actor.

Overall, Something Sinister is a interesting watch, especially recommended for those that like to unravel a slow boil mystery with their horror/thriller films.

Check out the trailer below!


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