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BoostaBand Competition Announced

BoostaBand Competition Announced!

30A Songwriter Radio’s “BoostaBand” competition is set for Tuesday October 14th, 2014! Pandora’s Steakhouse & Lounge of Grayton beach will host this year’s inaugural and unprecedented event! Throughout the year, regional bands have submitted applications in hopes to be one of 6 bands chosen by an anonymous panel. Bands must consist of at least three members, and perform all original music. There was no rule on genre, creating a truly unique and exciting event for spectators! The 6 bands will be evaluated by a panel of 3 judges. The winner of Boostaband takes all!

The Bands:Boostaband-Event-Poster-Web
1. Tribe Zion (Pensacola: Reggae/Rock)
2. Stacey Hampton (Fort Walton Beach: Folk)
3. Rebel Crossing (Panama City: Rock/Southern Rock)
4. The Flip Flop Boys (Tallahassee: Reggae/Rock)
5. Cody Copeland (Freeport: Alternative/Alternative Pop)
6. Josh Buckley Band (Dothan: Country)

The Judges:
1. Ashley Capps – TV personality at nightlife socialite from Beach TV and the Destination Network
2. Ed Jack – Music lover from Central Square Records
3. Season Ammons – Award winning singer/songwriter/performer

The Prizes:
1. Recording Session: Provided by Neptune Recording Studios
2. Open at Marina Civic Center: A paid gig at a major venue provided by Hess Entertainment
3. 10 Paid Gigs: Guaranteed with no booking fee provided by Worryfree Entertainment
4. $500 Gift Card: For use at and provided by UpBeat Music
5. Video Production: Provided by 20/30north Studios
6. Professional Photo Shoot: Provided by Modus Photography

The Hosts:
1. Shannon Ireland – Owner Operator of 30A Songwriter Radio
2. Todd Sparks – Singer/Songwriter & Owner of Gulf Talent Services

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