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Soul Track Mind Live Up to Their Name

I have thoroughly celebrated as the blues rock revival has come to fore front of the music world – but I’m seeing a new revival stepping out of the shadows.

It’s a soul revival.

It’s a beautiful blend of traditional jazz, blues, and soul music that captures the energy and authenticity of the Motown era.

Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin brought through one of those performers as part of their Wednesday night concert series. Soul Track Mind lives up to their name.10495832_894603673897913_428024240287571989_o

They are a soul infused- we can do anything band. (They even threw in a couple surprising 90’s covers to prove just how accurate a sentiment that is.)

Since all rock music is derived from soul and blues roots – it isn’t surprising that the bands that are leading this revival all have charismatic front men and women.  They steal the spot light with their powerful voices and general watchability. (Is that a word? It should be a word.)

Soul Track Mind has one of those frontmen who will wow you with an impressive range, James Brown styled stage moves, and a wise cracking sense of humor.  He’s fun to watch and looks like he is having a good time every moment his dancing feet are on the stage.

From horns to bass and everything in between- Soul Track Mind sounds phenomenal.  They are just one of the shinning examples that a soul music revival is around the corner.

See more photos of the band’s Baytowne Wharf performance here. And learn more about the name on their official website.

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