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Bobaflex – More than Meets the Eye

There is a magic ingredient that seems to be missing from the rock world. It’s the ingredient that made arena rock of the late 80’s and early 90’s so memorable and undeniably huge.

What is it? A certain type of raw sex appeal. Sure sexual energy is always going to be tied to rock music, but some bands ooze it without trying while others slink off and write songs that don’t even bother using innuendos.10373824_823141811044100_2300509461901688332_n

The guys in Bobaflex may do their best to maintain a certain ‘band boy’ image, hell they even have a song about it, but they are more than flash, eye liner, and pretty hair.

Hands down this band has the most impressive live harmonies I’ve ever heard out of a rock band. Four of the five members sing, and sing exceedingly well.

If they are in a quirky enough mood, you may even get to hear them do a song like “The Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia” with full bluegrass inspired harmonies – and they kill it. I’ve heard true bluegrass and soul bands miss the mark with these type of harmonies, yet Bobaflex makes it look effortless.

I’m not really sure why these guys haven’t made their mark on a wider audience. There is simply isn’t a good reason for:  They are fan savvy, making themselves very available for signatures, photos, and conversation after the show. They put on a hell of a stage show, both on the large Blazefest stage and the more intimate Club LA stage. Their songs are solid and memorable, which is one of the biggest compliments there is in the fast paced music world.

If you get the chance to see Bobaflex perform, jump at it. You will have a good time.

(Note:  I started writing this after the band’s July show at Club LA in Destin. Since then Jerod Mankin, their bass player and backing vocalist, has announced his plans to leave the band.)

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