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Split – Movie Review

We’ve all been there – felt like our mistakes eat us alive. 1801046_10152162998456598_2009625471_n

What happens when a well-made short turns that emotional cliche into a reality.  Not just a mournful look or a soap opera melodrama –  but what if grief, guilt, and heart break could be a physical manifestation.

That’s Split.

The second short from director Andy Stewart- the first being the enthralling Dysmorphia– is back to make you queasy again.

The special effects, gooey make-up, and a feeling of hopeless isolation are what drive Split. The special effects create a very realistic take on what this affliction would look like.  It’s something that feels based in reality and likely produced from many uncomfortable hours pouring over the most stomach churning medical reference books.

The film makes us excited about what is next for Stewart.  He isn’t going for cheap slasher thrills (and hey, we do love those too) but an intellectual take on what true horror means. The horrors that stay with you far longer than the next imposing figure romping through the woods with a sharp object.

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