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How did Pensacon do?

Curious how Pensacon did?  Well, they are happy to tell you! 
(See more of our photos of the event here.)

A Rousing Success: Pensacon 2014 by the Numbers

Pensacon 2014 has proved an overwhelming success and been referred to as a “game changer” by local businesses, when over 11,000 unique attendees descended on the city at the Crowne Plaza Grand Hotel and the Pensacola Bay Center over the weekend of February 21-23, 2014.

The feedback from the attendees, downtown business owners, vendors, and celebrity guests was overwhelmingly positive, with many of the professionals and fans alike proclaiming it to be one of the most well-run events they have ever experienced.

Surveyors from Majority Opinion Research, brought in by Visit Pensacola, conducted intercept interviews the entire weekend. 1655723_753558664669082_1740652873_oTheir report “tells an amazing story – both in economic impact and it terms of positive feedback on the convention and city,” according to Mike Ensley, Pensacon Chairman. 

39% of the event attendees were visitors to Pensacola of whom 100% were aware of the event before visiting and 100% came to Pensacola specifically for Pensacon.

As expected by Pensacon’s marketing team, social media was the main source of event awareness, followed by word of mouth from family and friends, the event website, and billboards.

With three out of four attendees under the age of 45, the average attendee was 39 years of age with a household income of $60,740.1888620_753557174669231_896671234_n

38% of attendees spent the night in Pensacola in paid accommodations and stayed an average of 3.1 nights. Factoring in that all visitors at the event specifically came to Pensacola for the event, it is estimated that Pensacon 2014 generated 5,183 room nights.

On average, visiting parties to Pensacola attending Pensacon 2014 spent $545.20 during their stay and resident parties spent an average of $176.06 in the course of attending the event.

When asked for their feedback on the event and their time in Pensacola, 86% rated their experience at Pensacon as positive and 76% rated their experience in Pensacola as positive. 98% of the attendees interviewed said they planned to return.

“This has been absolutely incredible. This is a testament to everyone in this area pulling together, from the venue and hotel staff making all the celebrities and guests feel welcome to downtown Pensacola businesses decorating and theming their bars and restaurants. The response I got from 1801194_753557564669192_1686184783_omany of our visitors is that this is the most welcoming city and convention they have attended.” Ben Galecki, Pensacon CEO.

With thousands flooding the downtown streets and businesses, the economic footprint Pensacon left on the local economy was significant. It is estimated that Pensacon 2014 attendees contributed $1,408,108 to the local economy. Factoring in that 100% of the visitors at the event specifically came to Pensacola for the convention, it is estimated that Pensacon directly aided in the full $1,408,108 being spent in the local economy.

“This was one of our top goals all along,” says Mike Ensley, “We wanted Pensacola to benefit as much as possible from Pensacon1618554_753553884669560_1544317692_n and everything we brought with it, and we are thrilled to see that we have accomplished that goal and even exceeded our highest expectations.”

Pensacon 2015 is already set to return next year February 27 – March 1, 2015.

Pensacon: Pensacola Comic Con brings the best of pop culture – Sci-Fi, Horror, Comics, Anime and more – to the Florida Gulf Coast. Featuring three days of celebrities, panel discussions, concerts, gaming events, costume contests and more.

For more information, visit pensacon.com.

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