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The Buzz About Buzz Cason

Every song has a story.  And sometimes it isn’t the one you anticipate.

Buzz Cason has a connection to just about everyone that matters.  The Beatles covered one of his songs, he sang back up for Elvis, and he founded a recording studio in Nashville dubbed the ‘Creative Workshop’ that recorded damn near everyone.

Cason is a singer, musician, and prolific songwriter.  What keeps him going as a songwriter? “The ideas, stories and life challenges I am experiencing now and hopefully the wisdom, I have acquired over the years are my source of inspiration and keep fueling my creativity.”

Cason has a great message for those who are looking to break into the music world, “Be yourself! Write from your heart! Don’t imitate, but don’t be afraid to to try things others are doing musically.”

As someone who has been in the music industry since 1960, he embraces the new role that technology plays in the industry, “The internet and especially social media has enabled independent artists like myself to promote their music and communicate with their listeners.”

It is always said that hindsight is 20/20, so what would Cason redo if he was given the chance? “I would have focused more on writing and recording my own music earlier.”

Here is piece of amazing music trivia:  Cason wrote ‘Everlasting Love,” a song that has be a hit in every decade since its release – recorded by everyone from U2 to Gloria Estefan.  So which version is Cason’s favorite?  “I’ve been blessed that so many great artists have covered the song. Robert Knight’s original version is still my favorite.”

This year, Cason released his 12th solo studio album – Troubadour Heart.  I reviewed it The Beachcomber – and had the pleasure of seeing him perform live during the 30A Songwriter Festival.


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