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Meet HighDiamond – Reaching for the Pop Crown

Even if you aren’t a pop music connoisseur, it’s influence is undeniably everywhere – after all the term is just shorthand for the word ‘popular’.

Pop music and dance music often go hand-in-hand. As new trends and styles have entered the world of dance, they make their way into the songs of pop princesses and pop tarts of the the day.

To say that being a pop artist is easy work, is a dismissive of the talent and hours of practice it takes to reach the top of their game.

HighDiamond is just that – a pair of hardworking sisters, working towards carving out their place in the pop world.

Catina and Angela Duscio (they go by the nicknames Cat and Ang) started as dancers at an early age. The pair are based out of Ontario Canada, but have made connections within the music industry as far south as Miami. “We are working on a couple music videos to be released shortly. We’ll also be in Miami for a while working and recording on our album!”

They place an importance of the idea that a pop concert should be a production, “Growing up as dancers and performers we love to give our audience a full show! From the singing and dancing to the costumes, lights and sparkle of course!”

The girls seem to ooze enthusiasm – every answer seems to close with an excited exclamation point. For instance, asked about the best piece of advice they’ve ever received: ‘Never give up!’ and ‘Go hard or go home!’ were their responses.

The sister’s showed the most difference of opinion when it came to who they would like to collaborate with. Cat called out Pitbull, citing his energy and ability as a hit-maker. While Ang listed Rihanna and Lana Del Ray as top choices.

We wish HighDiamond all the best as they work to climb up the pop ladder.


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