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Movie Review: Midsummer Nightmares II – Summer’s End

We were given an advanced release of ‘Midsummer Nightmares II – Summer’s End’, and they also were nice enough to include the first movie so we could more easily follow the sequel.419127_586399811391445_1989151918_n

‘Midsummer Nightmares’ is a slasher franchise at it’s core. Decent kills, with self aware and self depreciating humor, and a signature ‘costume’ for the murderer.

Although the name might call up images of Shakespeare – it is a reference to a Halloween party that the characters throw in the Summer.  It is their (much more fun) version of ‘Christmas in July’ – but this is a horror movie, so nothing goes as planned.

The problem that the sequel faces, is one that is common within horror franchises: you killed off most of the cast and now have to introduce new characters that the audience may be less invested in.   But the pair of movies doesn’t lack in the colorful the characters department. They are written with big personalities, and are all basically the outcasts of a small town – one of those places where everyone has a history with everyone.

Part two takes place three years later. The survivors are trying to move forward, but small town’s have long memories.  And any horror fan knows that you can’t keep a good bad-guy down for long.

With its high body count, Midsummer Nightmares is a fun franchise.
Learn more at: http://www.conceptmediafilms.com/ or view the trailer below.
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