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From Oceans to Autumn’s A Perfect Dawn

Swirling ambient post-rock has been given the much easier label of ‘space rock’.  It is a fitting label that reflects the ‘floating’ quality to certain bands.  Every note lingers and pulls – but it is a bit calmer than its doom cousins.

FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN have been founded by Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) in the Summer of 2006 — shortly after laying to rest FromOceansToAutumn-bandhis previous band, Autumn Is Forever, which had a long run between 1997 and 2004. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN are authors of an intriguing and massive “space metal” with roots into “atmospheric/post-metal/rock”. So far, the band’s discography features two full lengths, split, ep and two concept albums on Silber Media Records. “A Perfect Dawn” is out in November 2013, on noble digisleeve CD limited edition, and will see the band at its best, with tons of guitars, bass, drums and some piano, creating surprisingly melodic and epic atmospheres. Recommended to fans of ISIS, ROSETTA, CULT OF LUNA.

• Out on noble digisleeve limited edition 300 copies, glossy lacquer.
• Intriguing and massive Space Metal with roots into atmospheric Post Metal/Rock.
• Recommended to fans of ISIS, ROSETTA, CULT OF LUNA.


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