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Beneath the Storm’s Temples of Doom

Dark, heavy, and layered – these are some of my favorite words when it comes to music.  Beneath the Storm has elements of blackened-doom, strange embedded audio clips, and that reverb heavy noise that will always own a special part of my heart and metal collection.

BENEATH THE STORM is a mysterious one-man sludge wrecking machine led by Igor Shimon. BeneathTheStormBAND

Based in Slovenia, it came to life in the cold and long winter of 2012. It awoke on ruins of several underground death metal and sludge bands. The dark and eerie ideas were building up in the founder’s mind for several years and it was the right time for them to be released. The goal is to
create the most brutal and slow-as-possible sound. Influences came from several genres such as sludge, doom, funeral doom, stoner and drone. “Temples of Doom” is available in noble digisleeve limited to 300 copies, recommended to fans of AHAB, ELECTRIC WIZARD, EYEHATEGOD, NOOTHGRUSH.

• Out on noble digisleeve limited edition 300 copies, glossy lacquer.
• Absolutely epic Drone-based Funeral Doom/Sludge Metal carnage.

1. A Mournful Sigh 08:58
2. Hunting The Storm 06:52
3. Drifting 02:06
4. The Dungeon 08:54
5. Away 09:32
6. Reflection 02:16

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