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Zack Rosicka Review

Whenever someone talks about Zack Rosicka they tend to talk about what a stellar guitar player he is – and he is. However, that neglects how strong his voice is.

Usually his local gigs are predominately cover songs. And the biggest compliment I can give, he actually makes me like songs like “Big Lights, Big City,” which otherwise don’t do a lot for me.  I actually want to hear Zack’s version – I look forward to it.  It is a strange phenomena that speaks of just how strong a performer Zack is.

Sometimes we take our working musicians for granted. We tune them out as background noise as we drink our drinks or eat our food. Break that habit.

Zack is a top notch guitarist and vocalist, and this area is lucky to have him.  Whether he is behind an acoustic guitar or an electric one – he owns it.

Learn more at: http://zackrosicka.com/

(He’s also a lovely person – and thrown a lot of support 850ME’s way. Know we appreciate it Zack.)

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