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Devour the Day Review

We caught up with Blake of Devour the Day to pick his brain a bit about the band before their Club LA show. (Read the interview here.) He mentioned that the band was focused on having a fun stage presence. That they delivered.

Most of the band are veterans of the touring world. It shows. They know how to work a crowd, encouraging participation without being cloying. They know how to make people feel special and like they are a part of the band for the night.

They sounded great as they played through most of their debut album.

The thing about Devour the Day is they are pretty much a brand new band, but since the core of their group has spent many years playing together in a previous band, there is an ease to it all. They know what to do when they hit the stage.

If you like Devour the Day’s album Time & Pressure then you will enjoy seeing them live. The songs transfer well from recorded to live performance.

See more photos here.
Learn more about Devour the Day on their official website.

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