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Photographer Profile: Wes Gaines

What first attracted you to photography?Me!
When I was very young, I would pull out the family photo albums and look through them for hours. I was fascinated that a photograph had captured a particular moment in time. I remember the anticipation of dropping off a roll of film to be developed and then waiting a week or more for it to be processed and returned. The excitement everyone had! We would share those photos with family and friends for hours! We tend to forget all those special moments until our memory is awakened; a photograph can so easily remind us of those special times. I try to recreate that magic.

When was the first time you felt like a professional photographer?
When Eric Yra from 7T8Design.com sent the logo design for my approval, I was overwhelmed!

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
Candid would probably be the best label to put on it. Take for example, if I’m at a concert, I scan the crowd looking for someone that came there for one purpose and that is to have a good time. That genuine smile as they rock to the beat, or are dancing as if they are on a cloud. Those make the best photos. The hardest subject I have found is the elusive teenage daughter, she is shy and hates for me to take her photo but yet I see her posting the fishlip, peace sign, smootches!

Favorite piece of equipment?Black & White
My 300mm zoom. I can sneak up on ya’

What is your dream photography gig?
I have been following Heritage for quite a while now. I have watched them mature and develop as talented musicians into the artist that they are. So my dream would be to shoot at their first headline arena venue.

Any advice for others who are interested in photography?
For those who are interested in photography as a hobby, go for it! Since the advent of digital cameras and the price of them are relatively affordable, everyone can now take a good image, without waiting or the expense of film. Take your time to learn the functions of your camera. Read, take in-house classes or seminars. As you start to advance you will soon realize that your hobby can get quite expensive. It can be an addiction!

For those more experienced that are thinking of going into business for themselves, then I hope you have done your homework.  Since the advances of digital imaging the market is overly saturated with Professionals and Fauxtographers andStroll on the beach it has become very competitive.

Professionals stand out because they are skilled and talented, both behind the camera and in editing. They have expensive equipment that must be maintained and serviced, and they rent or borrow what they don’t use on a consistent basis to justify the cost. They also have mortgages, car payments and kids. Their prices are higher but the quality of their work justifies the cost.

Fauxtographers can be easily spotted. The first clue is their price, and their portfolio is usually full of booties. Remember you get what you pay for!

Best piece of advice you got starting out?
My mentor Rick Banks is a 40 year veteran that lives and works in Atlanta. I was talking with him about an altercation I had and I was feeling a bit low, but he told me to stick it out and carve my own niche, that I had an “eye” that needed to be developed and that he would stand my images up against any others! That was a serious ego boost!Dannica

What services do you offer?
Events, portraits, portfolios just about anything but I am not a wedding photographer!!

To give you the best product I have to ask you, the client, a few questions to meet your needs. If I feel I can’t then I will refer you to someone I know that can.

They are a quite a few talented photographers in this area and we all have our areas of expertise. Such as Ryan Acevedo, Brittany Therese, Lindsey Phillips and Ryan Manthey.

Do you have any special projects that you are currently working on?
Yes! I’m so glad you asked and I can use your help! We have a wealth of talented musicians and artist along the Emerald Coast, much like 850ME and The Beachcomber, I’m trying to portray that in a section of my portfolio. So if you would help spread the word, I will add them to my digital portfolio and give them a copy of the images pro gratis!Damien Kealoha

How can someone contact you?
My new website gainesaddictionphotography.com will be up soon.

Or facebook:  facebook/gainesaddiction

Call or text my cell 850/499-6466

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