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Movie Review: World War Z

Once upon a time, zombies were hidden in the corners of low budget horror. Although there have always been vocal fans of this horror sub-genre, it has only been in recent years that zombies have proven themselves as a cultural force that won’t be ignored.movieposter

World War Z further proves this trend. It is an a-list Hollywood movie with a pretty massive budget. For that alone, it gives us cause to celebrate. It further legitimizes zombie movies, and the horror genre as a whole.

As for the movie itself, it is a fun ride. It isn’t a straight horror movie, instead playing up the drama and action angles of the storyline. So if you are only looking for a gory zombie feast you might want to look elsewhere.

Brad Pitt does a lovely job as a doting family man tasked with saving the world. There is an undercurrent of calm about his character, making him precise and thoughtful even as the world is crumbling.

There really isn’t a classic villain archetype. Instead we are introduced to a range of superbly human characters.  That is the primary driving force of this movie: Our humanity. Our desire for life. Our need to protect those we care about.

Human error is one of the running themes of the movie. The idea that no matter how hard we try, how secure we feel, or how prepared we think we are – that we can be wrong and make mistakes.

World War Z is beautifully produced. All the parts (the music, effects, writing, etc) come together to create a believable take on the zombie apocalypse.

2 comments on “Movie Review: World War Z

  1. Arleigh
    July 6, 2013

    I’m truly surprised at just how well people have received this film considering all the production delays, turmoil and negative news about it’s production from beginning to end. It just goes to show that it’s best to actually see the film instead of listening to pundits and news bloggers who pushed the negative without having seen the film.

    July 7, 2013

    I read the book and am a lifelong Zombie fan. I went in knowing not to expect the book made real so I was not disappointed. It was well paced and executed even with all the production issues. My only complaint was one moment when certain people survived while every single person around them died. Can’t go into detail as it will spoil but other than that it was pretty good. I think it should have been rated R and made bloodier and with more tension and death so the stakes felt higher but even without that it is defo worth a watch at the cinema.

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