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Horror Thriller ‘Reunion’ Seeks Crowdfunding

aR PosterEarlier we introduced you to Maria Olsen.  She just sent a press release our way announcing that one of her current projects is seeking crowdfunding through Indiegogo to wrap up post-production.

A lot of times crowdfunding projects around movies are to help get the movie started from the ground up.  In this case, the principle photography has already occurred and the crew of Reunion are looking for additional funds for post-production (visual effects, sound design, etc).

This isn’t a case where a small budget equals sub-par quality.  The trailer below puts a lot of big studio projects to shame.  As explained on the indiegogo campaign page:

We shot with a Red camera in 4K.  We also plan on finishing our post-production workflow in 4K, so we’re capable of handling the new Sony projectors being installed in theaters across the country.  In essence, we’ve assembled all the components of a professional feature film production outside the traditional Hollywood system so we have complete creative control over our work.  It is an ambitious goal and groundbreaking in its own right.

So what’s the movie about?
It’s a cold, stormy, and thunderous night.  Trapped in his own home, former rock stars Brad Norton and Grant Foley prepare for return of their infamous band when a strange woman shows up at their door looking for her son she calls “Alan.” Unbeknownst to them, she is guided by a dark spirit and is convinced Brad kidnapped her long-lost son. 

For as little as $5 you can play a role in the completion of Reunion.  For $10 you get your name in the credits… Which is just cool.  Other incentives include signed memorabilia, tickets to the LA premiere, and more.  See the full details here.

And seriously: Watch. This. Trailer.

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