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Reveal Renew

Although the band hails from Tampa, I’ve been lucky enough to see the punk/hardcore band Reveal Review twice in the 850.Reveal Renew (4)  No matter the genre the music, you will always win me over when you feel it.  When you believe in what you are performing and want to share that with others – it creates something that is pure magic.

Reveal Renew will be back in Panama City on March 30th thanks to That Sweet Booking.  I guarantee they will put on a good show.

Who is answering questions, and what is your role in the band?

Roger (vocals) & Charlie (guitar).

Your band profile lists you as a punk band, why did you choose that label over hardcore?

We chose to label ourselves as a “punk band” because we are always pushing the limit of what we can and cannot do. Though we are heavily influenced by hardcore, our native roots are founded in good ol’ Rock n’ Roll.

Does the name Reveal Renew has a special significance?Reveal Renew (6)

The means behind the words Reveal Renew is exactly why we are band and play the music we do play. We like to think of these words as this…

“Reveal Renew is not just our name, it’s a statement in itself. Reveal Renew is a change of perspective through music, and a realization that we are meant for something much greater. We stand only by grace, and share these creations to show that there is life to be lived and in abundance as well. Standing divided rather than united seems to be the trend these days, but if we were to see compassion as more of a cure than a disease, then maybe true freedom can be achieved. Take these songs for what they are. Phrases for the living.”

Who is your biggest musical influence?

We could name a handful of bands, but that’s only part of it. Arguably, it’s the select few who ushered us into the mindset of creating music for a greater purpose.

What first drew you to the punk genre?

Not sure. Probably when I bought my first AC/DC record from a used music store.

What is next for the band?  A new release?

Right now the only thing on our agenda is to tour as much as possible. We have been working on a full length for a while now and currently have half the record finished. We are extremely excited for the newer songs, but are in no rush to release them just yet.

Be sure to like the band on Facebook.

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