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Black Mask – On Tour

On March 12th there is going to be an epic hardcore show at A&M Theatre in Panama City.
The headliners are the Pennsylvania based Black Mask. They are embarking on a month long tour across the southern states, and a bit beyond. I was really drawn to their sound and the elements they incorporate into their sound, so I reached out for an email interview.

Who is answering questions, and what is your role in the band?
My name is Mike Stello and I sing in the band.

What first drew you to the hardcore genre?
I feel like hardcore or heavy music in general has a certain energy when it is done right that no other music has. I remember going to local shows when I was in high school and actually feeling like I finally found what it was that was always missing from my life. Now, over ten years later, I love it probably even more than I did then.

What do you feel sets you apart from other hardcore bands?
I feel like that is a question for you or someone else to answer. It’s hard for me to see something like Black Mask from the outside because of me actually being in the band. I can tell you that we love what we are doing musically and I wouldn’t be in any other band even if I had the chance.

What is the origin of the band name?
The name came from our drummer and his love for all things Batman.

I love your tendency to use distorted noise in your songs – what drove that choice?
The noise comes from how we wanted to sound like live. With other bands we have done, the recordings were almost too perfect and with how people record now its easy to stray away from how a band actually sounds live – to achieve a perfect sounding record.  But for us we left slight mistakes and left the feedback.  Now listening back on it I feel like it added emotion to the songs that would`t have been there if we would have taken it out. When we recorded that 7 inch almost a year ago we didn’t expect to do much with the band except maybe a two week tour. Now over 120 shows later since August, I’m so glad we recorded it exactly the way we wanted to and with the person we recorded it with; ‘Matt Very’.

The only thing I want to add is ‘thank you’ to anyone who has came out to see us, fed us, let us stay at their house, or supported us in any way.  We are in the process of writing the next record and have five songs done that we are really eager to share with everyone.  Get stoked!

See the full tour dates below:
(And be sure to connect with the band on Facebook to see if there has been any changes to the schedule.)

Feb 28th – College Park, MD @ South Campus Dining Hall
Mar 1st – Frederick, MD @ The All Saints Episcopal Church
Mar 2nd – Virginia Beach, VA @ Tidewater Church
Mar 3rd – Greensboro, NC @ TBA
Mar 4th – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone Club
Mar 5th Rock Hill, SC @ The Sweat Lodge
Mar 6th – Savannah, GA @ TBA
Mar 7th – Melbourne, FL @ The Boondocks
Mar 8th – New Smyrna, FL @ Coronado Civic Center
Mar 9th – Boynton Beach, FL @ Limitless Studios
Mar 10th – St Petersburg @ TBA
Mar 11th – Valdosta, GA @ House Show
Mar 12th – Panama City, FL @ A&M Theatre
Mar 13th – Dothan, AL @ TBA
Mar 14th – Hoover, AL @ House Show
Mar 15th – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s North
Mar 16th – Nashville, TN @ The Owl Farm
Mar 17th – Crossville, TN @ TBA
Mar 19th – Huntington, WV @ funkytown
Mar 20th – Shadyside, OH @ House Show
Mar 23th – Erie, PA @ The Bearded Lady

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