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Two Years of 850 Music

I love this area.  For the size we are, we have a thriving music community.  I am hopeful that segments of it will continue to grow and connect with larger audiences (I’m looking at you metal and punk scenes), but we have this wide reaching variety of music to pick from on any given night.

Don’t believe me?  This month I’ve seen rockabilly, punk, garage rock, island acoustic, death metal, hard rock, and that doesn’t include this wild show at Club LA at the start of the month.

That’s just what I have seen over the course of 17 days.  It isn’t even a tiny fraction of all the good stuff and talented musicians out there, right in our back yard.

Two years ago I started this blog; January 2010.  I started it without a big goal or big picture in mind.  I started it because I love music.

More than that, I started it because music has supported me, helped me, connected me, and saved my sanity at times.  It was my way to try and give back to something that has given me so much.

I could have never have in a million years guessed where this would go – and I have no master scheme in place about where I think it should go next.

It is an honor to be a writer for The Beachcomber.  To be a part of the paper that has been around since 2001; that supported local music in the land of time that occurred before Facebook.

I’ve made dear friends, been able to photograph some of my favorite recording artists, and just get to share my enthusiasm for music with anyone who will listen.

To celebrate my two year anniversary, I would like to ask two things of you:
1. Know that I deeply appreciate your support and kindness.
2. Show your support for our music scene by voting in The Beachcomber Music awards.

Thank you for letting me share with you.
Nikki Hedrick of 850 Music

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