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Destin’s Hard Rock Battle of the Bands

This is going to be a blast and will be major bragging rights for one local band.  Who will be crowned the winner?  That is up to us, but that band could even go all the way, winning a festival gig in London.  Yes, that London.  Curious about the details or if there is a battle in your area?  Reverbnation has all the details.

So come out to the Hard Rock located in Destin and cheer on your favorite band starting this week.  Each night starts at 6:30pm, and each band will only have a 30 minute set to prove they are the best of the best.  (Might not hurt to get there a little earlier, some places list the starting time as 6pm.)

Friday, February 17th featuring Faded Saints, Skincrawl, and 13th Shade.
Update: Congrats to 13th Shade – the 1st round winner!

Thursday, February 23rd featuring For Shame, Hotel Oscar, and Heritage.
Update: Congrats to Heritage – the 2nd round winner!

Tuesday, February 28th featuring The Ayers, Skyview, and Vantage Point.
Update: Congrats to Skyview – the 3rd round winner!

Destin’s finals will take place on Friday, March 2nd.
Update: Congrats to Heritage, who will be going on to the next round!
See pictures of all the bands on my flickr stream.

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