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Trouble for Deluna Fest?

According to this article from pnj.com not only does Deluna Fest owe money from last year’s event, but also from 2010’s festival.  This could spell some big problems for the festival.

Just how bad is it? Adding together the figures listed in the article, the unpaid bills could reach over $40,000.

Since Deluna Fest doesn’t release official statistics, one just has to go on rumors and best guesses when it comes to festival attendence.  The rumor was the 2011 festival wasn’t as well attended as the 2010 one.  Combining that with the unpaid bills could spell trouble.

The beach event is about standing in the sand, listening to the live music you love with thousands of other fans, as the sun sets behind you. I am hopeful Deluna Fest can continue to be a successful music event for the 850, but some internal changes may have to happen before that is possible.

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