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Band Review: Hotel Oscar

With their own tunes that encompass everything from a jam band vibe, to the slow churning of Robert Johnson style blues, and nearly everything in between – Hotel Oscar is a local band on the rise.Hotel Oscar (7)

Call them a throwback, Americana, or a band that takes rock back to its roots – but don’t assume they are predictable.

Their EP Burgers & Fries could give the impression that a live show would be acoustic or a little mellow – but that is far from the case.

Only three members strong, they know how to hold no punches when it comes to delivering a high energy show.  A song like Huckleberry Holiday (which is my favorite on the EP) becomes more vibrant, louder, and little edgier.

They lose themselves in the music, and it shows.  They love what they are doing, and it shows.  And for that, they are a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

In less than a year, Hotel Oscar formed, released Burgers & Fries, and played extensively in the 850; that alone is a feat they should be proud of.

Keep an eye out for these local boys, the future is very bright for them.

Check out their official site, which includes a way to stream their music: http://www.hoteloscarband.com/
More photos of Hotel Oscar on my flickr stream.

18 comments on “Band Review: Hotel Oscar

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  6. Clint Moreland
    February 17, 2012

    Thanks for the write up guys.. It’s awesome. We would like to know who to give credit to because we posted a link to it on our site.. http://www.hoteloscarband.com/press.html Thanks again

    • 850music
      February 18, 2012

      Glad y’all like it! I’m Nikki Hedrick.

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