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Band Review: Grayson Capps

Have you ever not felt well – did something cool – and then it blurs because you weren’t feeling well?  Unfortunately that is what happened to me seeing Grayson Capps.  I enjoyed the set immensely in the moment, but that night at The Shed has blurred for me quickly, so I’ve struggled on how to write this review.  I did take a couple poor quality videos – but he has a really great website up that I would like to encourage everyone to take a peak at.

Grayson and his band mix the genres southern soul, country, and blues, which for me hark back to the directness of singer-songwriters of the 60’s.  This is further exemplified by how nearly every song tells a story, with beginning, middle, and end.  With Grayson stopping between songs to tell what a song means to him, tell a joke, or talk about the movie Love Song for Bobby Long and the real-life people who inspired it.  (Several of Grayson’s songs are featured in the movie, which is based on a novel that his father wrote.)

I also see the correlation between Grayson and 60’s folk because of the sheer honesty in his music.  He doesn’t back down from controversial topics, yet it would be unfair to peg him solely as a political musician, because songs like Coconut Moonshine are there to kick up your feet to.

Beyond his talent and the talent of the band, they are good guys to boot.  Check out this signed CD case from Grayson.

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