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Band Review: Sons of Tonatiuh

Hailing from around Atlanta Georgia – Sons of Tonatiuh are a a force to be reckoned with.  With a searing vocal delivery and hypnotically heavy songs this is a great doom metal band to see.  To my knowledge they have made the trek at least twice to the 850 area – and I highly recommend getting out to see them if you get the chance.

Sometimes it starts getting a little tricky posting band reviews – I start to fall into repeating some of the same phrases, but with a group like Sons of T it is worth repeating.  They are a great band to see live.  They put on a solid show with lots of energy.

The lead singer pours every ounce of himself into the songs, and at the end of the set you find yourself feeling both exhausted for him and completely energized by the music.

Taking their name from the Sun God of Aztec mythology – Sons of T are a blazing ball of energy and talent.

http://www.reverbnation.com/sonsoftonatiuh – to see their show schedule
http://sonsoftonatiuh.bandcamp.com/ – support the band; buy digital songs and/or hear tracks for free

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