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New Blog Feature!

Sometimes the best way of deciding if you are interested is going to see a band is seeing them beforehand. Now the 850 blog is here to help with that by posting videos of the places we go. Late last night I opened a youtube account under the handle “850musicblog” and I am looking forward to sharing my videos with my readers.

I want to pass on just a general note about the quality. I’ve been tinkering with the settings, so the next batch of videos will be better looking, but there isn’t much I can do about the sound. To be blunt, the sound just sucks. That’s right, the quality is completely lacking in the audio department. So please take my word for it if I say they “sounded really great” but all you hear in the video is a mess.

With that said, I still think it is great fun to watch a couple videos of a band before going out to see them. I love bands with character, that look like they are having fun, move around on stage, etc – and videos give a taste of that better than a written review ever could.

So thanks for reading, and I hope that the videos I post along the way are helpful.

P.S. Want to post your review of a band, venue, or something related in the area? Feel free to pass it along via email! savvytangerine (at) aol.com

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