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GWAR – A Bloody Good Time

Theatrics and music often go hand and hand.  Whether it is pop stars with backup dancers or an EDM artist with a laser light show – it helps ensure a unique live music experience.   Gwar?  Well, they are the love child of metal music and horror movies. 

A Gwar live show is a frantic sci-fi story about misfit warrior aliens – the screw-ups of their species- sent to conquer earth.  It’s a rock opera with more blood and less opera.

They continually evolve, retiring props and finding new angles to explore – and continuing on as members pass or retire.  They touch on the most sensitive of political topics with an exuberant amount of farce.  Gwar is metal music’s court jesters.  And the world is a more entertaining place for it. And if no one has warned you – Gwar shows do get messy. 

Learn more about Gwar – including their far-reaching back story – on their official website: https://gwar.net

Still curious what you are in for? Check out these photos from their recent stop at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola by Chris Montgomery.

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