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Dawn Hamil Faces a 3 Headed Shark for SyFy

When a movie calls itself ‘3 Headed Shark Attack’ you know you are in for a fun ride.

What you might not know, is that the movie was filmed in Pensacola Florida. Right alongside actors like Danny Trejo and Rob Van Dam are a slew of fantastic local faces including the lovely Dawn Hamil.

It all started with an open casting call on Facebook, “You always hope,” Hamil shares of the casting process, “but you don’t really know. There are so many specifics that can be involved in an audition. You just do your best and hope for the best.”

Hamil did more than make it through – she landed a lead supporting role in The Asylum movie that premiered as part of SyFy’s Shark Week promotion.

“Being on set as long means you really get to know each other and build friendships,” Hamil says of the experience.

Of Danny Trejo she recalls, “a funny and great guy. It is great that somebody so famous is still so down to earth. He shared stuff about his family and his friends – and it was a real treat to be on set with him and hang out with him.. Of Karrueche Tran, “She was a joy to work with and super professional.” Hamil spoke highly of the entire cast and crew – in part because of their diligence in less than comfortable temperatures.

“It was freezing,” she says of the winter shoot. “Most of the time it was less than 40 degrees. We stayed soaking wet, on a boat, on the water.  Not only are the actors are in the water – but the crew has to stay in the water.  And I totally have a another layer of respect for them and everything they put into a project.”

Of course part of the fun of this type of monster flick is the outrageous special effects. “Acting is acting – you should be able to say a line to a wall. However, it is better to have a reaction to work with. Having to pretend that this giant beast is in front of you is another thing.”

Not everything is special effects – including Hamil driving the party boat. And you might not want to let Dawn drive your boat – as she swiped the side of it on the dock – an unplanned moment that made it into the movie.

“Everyone was great and I loved that so many locals got solid speaking roles as well. It’s exciting to be a part of.”

Visit Dawn’s official Facebook page to keep up with her.

Check out some of her ‘behind the scenes’ photos and watch the trailer for the movie below.

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