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MY RUIN’S Mick Murphy – GJ2 Guitars & Grover Jackson!

“There are not too many true guitar heroes around these days but Mick Murphy is of the few. We love his work with My Ruin and Chevy Metal and we are really proud to have him playing our guitars.” – Grover Jackson.

Guitarist Mick Murphy of the Los Angeles based heavy rock band and DIY enthusiasts My Ruin recently received an unexpected birthday gift from the legendary guitar designer and visionary Grover Jackson when the two met for the first time backstage at a recent Chevy Metal show in Anaheim, California. Mick

“I grew up reading about Grover Jackson in rock magazines and books when I would read about Randy Rhoads in my early teens. I’ve been a huge Rhoads fan ever since I learned to play guitar and always thought Grover’s guitars were innovative high quality instruments. I was loaned the prototype of the GJ2 Glendora ‘Spirit of 79’ to use at a couple Chevy Metal shows and was introduced to artist rep Mitch Devine of GJ2 by mutual friends and photographers Gary & Jill Bandfield of Tour Bus Live and instantly felt attached to it. My wife (and My Ruin vocalist) Tairrie invited Mitch and GJ2 co-founder Jon Gold from the company down to celebrate my birthday at House of Blues earlier this month and they brought Grover who coincidentally, shares the same birthday as me.

Getting to meet the man himself and hearing what he had to say about guitars, music and Randy from back in the day made the evening quite memorable. Grover stayed for the show and after our set he surprised me by signing the back of the guitar I had been playing and giving it to me as a birthday gift. Needless to say, I was stunned and a bit overwhelmed by his generosity. The limited edition ‘Spirit of 79’ series is a ‘distressed’ modification of the GJ2 Glendora guitar line which harkens back to the early days of his guitar making career in both look and feel. I’ve been told that production will be limited to 40 guitars in all which makes the gift even more special. I look forward to playing it on stage and in the studio as much as possible in the near future!” – Mick Murphy

Chevy Metal is a suped up classic rock cover band featuring Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters and Wiley Hodgden. You can check out Mick rockin his ‘Spirit of 79’ with Chevy Metal in this short video shot at House of Blues in Anaheim, Ca. on 7.17.13

My Ruin – ‘Moriendo Renascor’ New Video  – Read more about it here.

My Ruin – ‘The Sacred Mood’ Album Teaser



About GJ2 Guitars

Founded in 2011 by Grover Jackson (formerly of Jackson Guitars and Jackson/Charvel fame) and Jon Gold (former VP International Sales for Fender), GJ2 Guitars manufactures superior-quality electric guitars from its facility in Laguna Hills, California. The company designs and performs all its own wood-crafting and creates nearly all of its instrument components in-house, including pickups. Only the best woods and materials are used. Great attention is paid to playability, tone, and build quality. Grover Jackson personally oversees the production of each instrument.


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