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Introducing Legends of 850

Our area has been, and continues to be, home to an astonishing amount of talented people. Each of them has a story to tell; a journey bound together with fans, songs, and the realities of being a working musician.

Some of these people have reached amazing heights outside of the 850. Some reach legendary statues along our beautiful coastline. And some deserved more recongnition than was ever afforded to them.

Legends of 850 is my small way of shining a light on these people and their music. If you know of someone with an amazing story, want to place a spotlight on someone (whether they are still here with us or not), I would like to encourage you to contact me.

The heart of music is about communication and sharing part of yourself with others. It takes a certain type of drive and courage that should be recognized and celebrated. Legends of 850 is a celebration of this and so much more.

All submission ideas are welcome. 850music@gmail.com.

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