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Band Review: Dread Clampitt

Once upon a time, I worked at an art gallery that played Dread Clampitt CDs constantly. I knew every word. I could sing every song (yes, badly) from beginning to end.

That was ten years ago – and Dread is still going strong as one of the most sought after bands along the 850.

They have had some line-up changes, but their signature sound is still in place: Bayou styled foot-stomping, booty shaking, jam music.

Yet, it isn’t all music to party to. These are songwriters capable of beautiful ballads, accentuated by heavenly three-way vocal harmonies. Balder will also make you fall in love with the mandolin with his intensely amazing solos.

Each member of Dread brings a lot to the table. They are top-notch musicians who have carved their way into the area’s history books.

Official Dread Clampitt website: http://www.dreadclampitt.com

See all my photos of Dread here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/850music/sets/72157629364355746/with/7968665762/

Dread Clampitt

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