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I’ve been a little neglectful of the blog these last few weeks, but I’m happy to share that I have three band reviews near completion, and a couple more shaking around my skull.

I have still be up to my normal hi-jinks, and love seeing so many familar faces every chance I get. I’ve just been a lot slower about chronicling all the fun lately. This is in part because (I am very happy and honored to share) that my contributor relationship with The Beachcomber has continued.

One of my ongoing assignments is finding local music releases for consideration for review. If you would like to throw your band, your friend’s band, or your long-lost four-times removed cousin’s band in the pile, don’t hesitate to contact me here in the comments or by email at 850music@gmail.com.

How about a little area music news?

Hotel Oscar has a kickstarter campaign up and running to help fund their next release. 

Geoff McBride has an indiegogo campaign in support of a new release and the planned tour that will follow.

Local metal band Death Before Dying got a nice mention on Blabbermouth.

The Owsley Brothers had a song featured in Fox Racing ad.

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