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Band Review: Ana Kefr

Progressive metal kings.

Ever seen someone play a saxophone during a metal show? Yeah, me neither. But with Ana Kefr anything goes, alternating between beautifully haunting and aggressive musical attacks. The juxtaposition of these two styles serves to further highlight just how talented members of Ana Kefr are as songwriters as every moment an emotional punch.

It is a little hard to find the words to express what this collision sounds like, and I can’t recommend seeing them or buying their music enough to experience it for yourself.

Inadvertently, that may be the best single word to describe Ana Kefr: Experiential. Listening doesn’t feel like a passive action, you become enthralled with the twists, the quiet moments, and the sonic force that are included in a single song – wondering what will be around the bend and what the next song will hold.  Yet on repeat listens of the same song, different sections seems to rise to the surface, demanding attention.

There is something inherently reminiscent of a movie score, especially in their newest EP The Burial Tree.  It has a sweeping grandness in scope.

As a live band, they only further deliver and exceed on expectations. The haunting intros and interludes, the layered genre jumping vocals, and the intensity of Ana Kefr’s music are all present during a show.

On top of all the praise I can offer about their music and live show, there is one more area I want to stress –they are great guys.

I hope you enjoy discovering Ana Kefr as much as I have.  Learn more about Ana Kefr at their official website: http://www.anakefr.com/

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