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Meet Photographer Christy Holtz


Meet Christy Holtz, a staunch music supporter and Panama City based photographer.

What first attracted you to photography?
I was first intrigued by photography looking in local newspapers. It always amazed me how an entire story could be told in a single picture.

When was the first time you felt like a professional photographer?
The first wedding I was asked to shoot for a co-worker.

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
I will take photos of anything. Really, most of the time I have my camera in my bag because you never know what may happen.

Favorite piece of equipment?
My Sony Cybershot DSC-H9 , great photos but allows me to catch great show videos as well.1063532_10201047145888167_102603514_n

What is your dream photography gig?
One that would allow me to travel.

Any advice for others who are interested in photography?
Practice like crazy and be willing to try different things.

Best piece of advice you got starting out?
Don’tcompare your art to the art of others & to try everything.

What services do you offer?1061816_10201047145848166_577776378_n
As stated above, I will photograph anything.

How can someone contact you?
850.691.6632 (Call or text)


2 comments on “Meet Photographer Christy Holtz

  1. Rissie
    June 29, 2013

    The wedding picture you took of us over ten years ago sits on our mantle. It’s our favorite one.

    • Christy Holtz
      June 30, 2013

      Thanks Rissie 🙂 Its one of my favorites Ive ever taken!

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